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Cloza | Business Solutions wants to give back to the society, therefore, we created a various of templates to help business owners and individuals to better understand their financial status. Through proper recorded financial data, accurate plans can be created for future growth.

In this template, you will have access to:

Monthly General Ledger

Video instructions for Cloza's Monthly General Ledger Template. This template can help your business capture all revenues and expenses in an organized manner. With all the income streams broken down and expenses categorized, it makes financial management so much easier and efficient. In addition, data visualization and forecast v.s. Actual comparisons are available for analysis purposes.

Competitive Analysis

Video instructions for Cloza's Competitive Analysis Template. This template can help your business best allocate the time and resources to the projects that matter the most at any given point of time. It visualizes the workloads, profitability and priority for the on-hand projects so that you will know how to prioritize and plan accordingly.

Market Dynamics

Video instructions for Cloza's Market Dynamics Template. This template can help your business to be best positioned so that you will know the comparative advantages and disadvantages over the industry. By filling out the model, you will know what to work on to increase competitive power in the market.

Loan Calculator

Instructions for Cloza's Loan Calculator Template. This template can help your business calculate payments, interests, loan term and compounded value. Based on the input variables, it will also generate a payment schedule that shows how you can most effectively pay off your debts and make the best debt reduction strategy!


Instructions for Cloza's GANTT Chart Template. This template can help your business best plan and decide the order of ongoing projects and all subtasks that associate with them. With the targeted time durations and dates input in the chart, it can ease and enhance the overall project management process.

Payment Calculation

Instructions for Cloza's Payment Calculation Template. This template can help your business keep track of multiple loans with their respective amortizations. Financing assets with different loan terms, interest rates and other variables, this will bring forth greater accuracy and convenience when it comes to booking expenses.

Don't see what you are looking for? Check out our page for more financial templates that will fit your business needs!

Cloza | Business Solutions is a company that helps businesses and 1099 contractors to grow. We provide affordable and quality services for fast growing business. Cloza is experienced in Taxes, Bookkeeping and Financial insights, Designs, Data Analytics and Marketing.

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Small Business Financial Template

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